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We believe in an open, more inclusive and unimaginably innovative future. And that is why we help to build the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable this decentralized world.
Birtvi was established a few years ago. We started with mining operations, which since then we have extensively expanded. We currently have a 40 MW data center and are increasing the plant capacity up to 100 MW. We operate the largest crypto mining Data Center in Georgia and are among the 20 largest mining companies in the world. Our mining data center is located in Kutaisi, western Georgia, in the Free Industrial Zone and our HQ are located in Tbilisi.
Besides large-scale mining operations, we’ve established:
  • Bitforx - Multifunctional digital wallet
  • Proofus - A blockchain based platform for supply chain transparency and automation
  • Coinetic - a Cryptocurrency exchange platform
Birtvi is a global team of experts in technology, business, communications, security and civil society. Together we want to build the world where networked communities are interacting with each other without intermediaries, sharing different value streams on free and decentralized markets powered by open financial networks.
News: Birtvi is hosting the World's Digital Mining Summit in Georgia, where industry leaders of the crypto-world - such as Jihan Wu, founder of Bitmain, and Roger Ver, founder of - will talk about their experiences. Find additional information by clicking on this link:


Bitforx is your one-stop-shop for all your crypto needs. With our digital wallet, you get both hot and cold storage solutions. Our offline Cold wallet keeps your coins safe and secure. And you can swap your coins in our easy-to-use coin exchange. You can also buy hashing power and start mining with minimum investment, minimal risk, and no technical knowledge. All you need, in one space.
Get a comprehensive overview of current crypto market performance with our app. Know what’s going on with your favorite digital assets. And stay informed and up to date on the status of your portfolio with instant notifications.
Our goal is to contribute to the advancement of the mining space and enable anyone to access mining operations to generate cryptocurrencies, including a secure digital wallet with a variety of functions.
Bitforx’s Secure Digital Wallet and Cloud Mining Service provider enables anyone to participate in the crypto economy. We firmly believe cryptocurrencies are the foundation for innovation, capable of reshaping our understanding of what currencies are, and how they are stored and transferred between individuals and businesses.
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The global supply chain industry generates 54 trillion a year, but all of the invoices are still sent as PDF documents, the databases are centralized, fragmented and siloed, and there is no transparency. Counterfeit problems are a global issue, costing the economy billions of dollars annually. Blockchain is the solution to make it efficient, streamlined, no longer corrupt, and extremely transparent. It could save the entire economy trillions each year.
That is why we’ve developed Proofus.
With Proofus blockchain solution, supply chain management systems become transparent, efficient, and streamlined. We track and monitor goods and products throughout their entire life cycles, starting from the manufacturer, and ending with the consumer.
We are starting with Georgian wine. Georgian wine export has tripled over the past few years, but is facing counterfeiting problems. That is why we want to help winemakers and consumers, by creating maximum transparency. We are working with several important players from wine industry, to fully integrate their businesses into our platform.
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Coinetic is the first cryptocurrency exchange platform covering Eastern Europe, Post-Soviet countries and Central Asia.
Our exchange platform provides you with high quality services and a simple and intuitive user experience. Use our advanced trading features, complex trading opportunities, not just placing simple orders.
We are currently working with payment service provider companies to integrate a fiat gateway and enable payments by Visa and MasterCard.
We believe we can develop Georgia into a global crypto hub. Embrace the future of money with us, Coinetic is your reliable partner.
Coinetic will be launched September 2018.
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